Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who knew it was so easy?!

What parent out there is not in a constant battle with their children over the whole, "get your room clean" task?! I mean honestly, we just had company over on Sunday and already the kids rooms looks like a tornado hit it. You would never know it was clean only 3 days ago! So when I want the kids to clean their rooms they usually say ok and then go into their rooms and do everything but clean! The Legos that have been stepped over for a week are suddenly so interesting and begging to be played with. The clothes that were supposed to be put away after laundry day and have been laying on the floor for days magically become dirty and need to be washed for a second time. Oh and my favorite one, everyone has to use the bathroom! Mom can't yell at me for not cleaning when I have to use the bathroom! It's a long battle that usually takes like 2 hours when in all reality should take about 20 minutes. Oh well, what can you do, it's a part of life right? That is what I thought until today......
Apparently all I need to do is bribe my children! Ethan's friend brought over some sour icebreakers to share with Ethan. I thought they were all playing in the bedroom when all of a sudden Ethan and his friend came down the hall laughing and saying, "I can't believe they'll clean for these" I was totally confused and said what any logical mom would say, "who will clean for what". That is when I found out that the 10 year old smarty pants was "paying" Nicholas and Alexis with these candy icebreakers in exchange for them cleaning his room. Genius really!
And to think that I have been pulling my hair out for all these years, struggling to get them to clean their rooms and all I needed was a little bribe of candy! Leave to a 10 year old to figure it out for me! :-)


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