Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Everyone else is talking about laundry

What is it about laundry that makes it so hard to keep up with? I have two friends blogs that I check on a regular basis and both of them have posted about laundry in the past week. I started thinking about it and really, why do so many people struggle to keep up with laundry? I do the dishes every single day...sometimes twice. I can vacuum, dust, mop, clean the bathroom, try to keep the house picked up every week. I'm doing the same task over and over again yet when it comes to the laundry...the laundry seem to get the best of me...and so many other woman too!
My one friend, (I have to agree with Melissa here) has a GREAT laundry room. A laundry room that every woman would wish she had. Plenty of space and even the pretty walpaper to boot. Oooh , and a laundry shoot for the kids to put the dirty clothes right into once they take them off at the end of the day. Yet, even with this GREAT laundry room, my friend struggles with laundry too.
My other friend is trying to make an oath to stay on top of the laundry also. We all have 3 or more kids so maybe that is what makes it so hard. Every time you turn around there is another load of laundry to do. It is just never ending. Of course either is the cleaning or the dishes or any of the other chores. I sooo struggle with the laundry though. I could do laundry all day long. Take the clothes, throw them in the washer, put my wonderful smelling Lavendar scented Tide in the washer with the clothes and walk away. Next, throw the clothes into the drier, with the beautifully scented lavender drier sheets and again, walk away. So easy! I could "do" laundry all day long. Yet, for some reason, come the end of the day...the laundry room looks like the above photo and I still have laundry to "do".
It's a never ending cycle. I get into moods where I just swear I will stay on top of it and won't do another load until the first one is put away. But after a couple days of laundry I fall back into my lazy pattern or "doing" laundry" without getting it "done". I think I may need professional help! Any suggestions?


Trish said...

My dear Bekah,
It sounds like folding is what you need help with. If you were able to do one load of laundry a day, would that be enough for your family? Like you, I'm able to get clothes into the washer (first thing in the morning), then moved to the dryer (lunchtime), but the temptation is to let it sit. Why is it so hard to fold those clothes!! It only takes about 6-8 minutes. I usually fold the laundry either right before dinner, or right before bed. When I make dinner, I'm usually having to stay close to the kitchen to make sure things don't explode, so I'll sometomes go fold the laundry since our laundry room is close to the kitchen. Or, I'll wait until it's bedtime...I usually go into the kitchen and look on my daytimer to see what's for dinner tomorrow, wipe down the sink, start the dishwaher, etc... and then I'll fold the laundry. Then, it's done and ready to go!
One more idea... Why did we have all these kids if we can't put them to work!! Perhaps you can work folding the clothes into one of the kids chore lists. Or, at least have one of them do it on the weekend, when there is more laundry because of baths, etc... It will be rough...they don't do a very good job at first. But after making them refold it several times in a row, it miraculously gets better!
Good Luck...Hang in there!!

that the kids have school, activities, etc..., but

Seanna said...

I agree with your's the folding that is just such a pain. You can try to hang up more stuff than avoid the temptation to "stuff" it in a drawer somewhere. the key is finding time to fit it into a routine like your friend does. Let me know how that works? You're not alone with laundry. There is two of us and I always say I will do several loads during the week to avoid an all day laundry never happens! Tomorrow I will be doing laudry!

JulieBelle said...

Ok, I've got one idea that might help with actually getting it done. (course you've seen my laundry room and pile....I have the clean clothes on the floor becoming dirty problem, but we'll hit that one later!)
I don't put my clean clothes in a basket. I stand right there next to the dryer and pull one piece out at a time, fold it on the washer, and then carry the pile into the respective places. I usually go ahead and put the boy's clothes away to avoid the aforementioned problem! Do that for hubby too, since he is as bad as the kids....
More work for me, but less of a headache in the long run!