Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tuesday evening 6:09pm. Younger two are playing video games, Stephanie is doing homework, Ethan is over at the neighbors and I should be making dinner, instead I am writing a blog. Noticed that I was long over due and what better time to write a blog than dinner time? :-)
Jason was home this weekend and went back to Dallas this morning. We had such a good time when he was home, it was great! Like DUH! :-) We were able to celebrate Lexi's birthday together and take her out for dinner. She got a new Nintendo DS for her Birthday and just LOVES it! We were able to go buy a whole bunch of wood for our fireplace and we are now stocked for the winter. It was so much fun. Last night for Lexi's birthday dinner we had steak, ribs, cheesy scalloped potatoes and fruit cocktail. It was all soooo good AND I get to eat up the leftovers since Jason had to leave again today. Yay me! :-)
Of course I am sooo tired since Jason and I stay up way to late after the kids go to bed but it is all worth it. I so just want us all together again so please pray for us as we look for Jason's next job and where we should go. Wisdom on what to do with this house here in GA and just all the little details that go into moving. Agh!
Oh, my "adopted sister" Abbi had her baby this weekend! He was born on Alexis's birthday at 12:15 in the afternoon. Awwww! I've seen one picture so far and he is cute! Looks a lot like his mama! :-) Congratulations friend!
Ok, guess I'll go make some dinner! Hope you all have a great week!
10 more days and Jason will be back home! :-)