Friday, February 22, 2008

Hunkering down for the weekend

Yay, it is Friday! Nothing better than the weekend! This week has flown by but I think it's because we didn't have school on Monday. That one extra day off just makes all the difference in the world. I think I am finally better. I still have a cough every now and then but for the most part, Bekah is back to being normal (whatever my normal is). Nicholas was unfortunate enough to catch this little "bug" from me and Lexi but so far everyone else has remained healthy (knock on wood). Nicholas is over his hump too and no longer seems to be running a fever so that is good.

It started raining last night and the forecast is calling for rain all weekend. I usually hate it when it rains on the weekend but this weekend I am sort of thankful for it. We have been so busy on the weekends ever since we got back from Christmas break. This weekend we have NO plans, no sleepovers, nothing! The rain will force us indoors but the cooler weather also warrants a fire in the fireplace tonight! Of course nothing goes better with a warm fire than a glass of wine! :-)

Even though I have to go grocery shopping this weekend I have found that my freezer is stuffed and I really don't have to "plan" any dinner this week. I have accumulated enough dinners that have yet to be made that I have a whole week of groceries already here. I just need to go and get the essentials and call it good. That in itself is relaxing.

So tonight the kids and I will watch a movie, eat pizza and put a fire in the fireplace. Tomorrow I will run to the store and then after that who knows. No plans and no need to be anywhere, I am looking forward to that!


Suzanne said...

With a full you make meals ahead of time to freeze? I have tried this a couple of times and love doing it, so I don't know why I don't do it more often. Not a habit. Plus I cause I'm lazy.

Bekah said...

With my husband being out of town I seem to be able to freeze half of our dinner to be eaten at a later date. When Jason is around, he eats part and then take the rest for lunch the next day.
I too have never been real good at the make ahead and freeze meals "thing". This has just worked out to be an added convenience while he is away and mama doesn't always feel like cooking!

Seanna said...