Monday, February 11, 2008

The weekend

Ohhhh we had a GREAT weekend and Jason wasn't even home! I have been in such a dump lately. All depressed because my husband isn't around, sick of home schooling, never get to go out, feeling sorry for myself dumps! But this weekend I got refreshed and I'm ready to go again!
Savannah is full of History and as you can imagine a ton of historical places to go see and visit. Of course all these little sites charge an entrance fee and even though it is minimal with 4 kids in tow it is never top on my list as a way to spend money. Lucky for me Savannah has a free museum day every year. It is called Free Family Museum Day and it is just GREAT! All the museums in the area are open from 12-4 on that day and you can go visit for free! I decided that the kids and I should go out and take advantage of this free day so we did.
I had high hopes to get to 3 different places but because we got going late it just didn't happen. The first place we went was in downtown Savannah in the historic district. We went and toured the home of Isaiah Davenport that was originally built around 1820 and renovated in the past 15 years. The house is just BEAUTIFUL! The woodwork and ornate carvings in the house are just unbelievable! The wood flooring, the marble fireplaces and even the wall paper was just beautiful! The master bedroom has this blue wall paper that I just love and know has a name but I can't remember what it's called. (My friend Trish has it in her little girls room and I fell in love with that style years ago when I first saw it in that bedroom). The wall paper is the kind that has all these little scenes on it like a horse and carriage or a boy in a field, stuff like that. I just think it is pretty! Anyway, we also learned that the phrase, "sleep tight don't let the bug beds bite" comes from this time period when beds were made with pine needles or spanish moss. Both of these allowed for some bugs in the bed and therefore where we got the saying. Spanish Moss is just beautiful down here in the south but those of you who don't know, never touch the stuff. It is full of these little tiny bugs called red bugs that you can't see but will eat you alive if you ever get it on you. Of course they didn't know these things back then so you slept on Spanish moss and got bug bites. They did start boiling the moss and needles first to try and kill bugs but it never killed them all. Makes you feel lucky for that comfy bed you climb into every night, huh?
Next we went out to Tybee Island and climbed up to the top of a light house out there. I am so glad we did it, the view was amazing. But my 31 year old legs are talking to me today! 178 stairs up and 178 stairs down! I had to keep yelling at the kids to slow down! Ha-ha! I'll tell you what though, they all slept like baby's last night! I thought about taking them down to the beach just to walk a little bit but after that hike up the legs were honestly a little shaky! I was ready to just drive home and go get some grub.
My favorite Mexican restaurant just opened up a new store about 15 minutes from our house so I decided to go there. It was so good and the service was great considering it was only their 2nd night open. So if you live in the area or are passing through, make sure you check out JalapeƱos around here. I just ate the leftovers for lunch today! YUMMY!
Finally we ended our day at the First Baptist Church here in town. They had a group here since Wednesday called Team Impact. This is a group of body builders that go around the country doing these performances and witnessing about Christ! My boys loved it and even us girls thought it was pretty cool! They break base ball bats with their bare hands, explode cans of pop, rip the big thick phone books right in half, I mean it is amazing! In the 4 nights they were here in Rincon around 300 people came to accept Christ as their savior. Amazing!
After all of that we decided to head home and get into bed. I feel so refreshed and just so glad I got to get out of town for while! It was so very nice! And Jason is coming home this weekend and taking me out for Valentines. I think we are going to try this restaurant where they serve Indian type cuisine and have belly dancers. I think it will be fun! I started thinking I would love to learn how to belly dance! Years ago I took step aerobics and my instructor took belly dancing and would try to show us some moves in class. I always just stood there thinking, "my hips don't move that way"! I'm sure they still don't move that way but it would be fun to try and learn and it's supposed to be good exercise. I'll let you know if I find anything in the far it doesn't look like anything if offered around here! :-(
Hope you all had a good weekend too and thanks for checking in on my blog! Have a GREAT week and a Happy Valentines day with your honey (if you have one) :-)


Trish said...

So glad you got out of the house! That wallpaper is called toile. When I ordered it, the lady told me it's pronounce "twall". She said she is able to remember how it's pronounced because it rhymes with doll. Have a great Valentine's Day!

Melissa said...

Thanks for posting! So good to hear that you and the kids had a good time. We all need those days. Happy Valentine's Day!