Thursday, February 28, 2008

To the future Mrs. Ethan Granstrom

I made Ethan take a LONG soak in the tub and let the steam clear out his lungs and everything. I just knew it would help him feel better. Seriously he was in there for like 2 hours. He is so funny! Anyway, he got out and was so cold he asked if I would blow dry his hair. I started drying it and his hair felt funny. I was like, “did you even wash your hair”. He was like, “well I thought that maybe I shouldn’t wash since I am sick”. RIGHT! I drug his little head back over to the tub and took our shower head down and made him stand over the tub so I could wash it. You want to hear the disgusting part? The water was actually dirty in the bottom of the tub when I rinsed it out! Ewwwww! Does he ever wash his hair?! He is 10 years old, I should not have to watch him shower every time just to make sure he washes his hair! BOYS! Oh well, good story for the future Mrs. Ethan Granstrom.


The Shan said...

Isn't it funny what doesn't even occur to boys at this age? I have one who'll be ten in two weeks that is in his own little world half the time. I have to tell him everything to do each morning before school. It surprises me when he gets dressed without a reminder. OY! It is a cute age though. So grown. Yet so young too. :D Glad you guys are getting better. This has been a BAD winter on the sick meter!

mkleck said...

yeah.. boys have no idea of what "wash" means.. Justin and Logan are "rinsers" and think they are clean.. whatever! for some reason, boys just have a stink to them that girls don't have.. lucky you have 2 girls to balance it out! haha..