Friday, February 15, 2008

Mama is sick!

What a stinky time of year to come down with an illness. Not only is Jason half way across the country but it's Valentines Day! I spent my Valentines morning at the Dr's office finding out that I have Tracheitis and Influenza. Let me just tell you all....I have not felt so miserable is YEARS! Poor little Lexi came with me to the Dr. and she has an upper respiratory infection. Yay! Happy Valentines Day to us! :-(
Jason is flying home tonight and the plan is for us to go out Saturday evening for our Valentines dinner. My fever has finally broken but I still have little to no energy! I'm just hoping that I am over the hump of feeling terrible and that I continue to feel better with each night of rest!
Stephanie has been a WONDERFUL help to me! I kept her home from school half the day yesterday just because there was no way I could muster up the strength to get me and 3 kids to the Dr. office when I felt like that! I took her in at 12:30 so that was good I guess. Last night Stephanie was helping get the kids dinner and making sure they all at least got fed when she looked at me and said, "mama, your job is a lot harder than I thought" Haha! I think my sickness was a teachable moment! Yes!
Now we are just praying that everyone stays healthy and that Jason does not catch anything while he is home this weekend!
Thanks for checking in on me and hopefully next time I report this whole illness thing will be gone!