Tuesday, April 15, 2008

6 going on 16

I told Lexi we had to run a few errands today. I told her to brush her hair, wash her face, and get a clean shirt on because the one she on did not really match. I was finishing up getting ready when Nicholas walked into the bathroom and said, "Lexi is getting fixed up to go with us." Fixed up I asked? Lexi said, yeah like this and walked into my room like this:


Melissa Flaming said...

How sweet is that?! Anna Mary has also come downstairs for church, etc. with DARK eyeshadow, and BRIGHT blush. It's almost too hard to make her tone it down or take it off. They are just doing what God made them to do...look beautiful.

Bekah said...

I sent Jason the picture and he was like, NO! I let her wear her it out, we were only going to the meat market (where they love my children) and to pay the water bill. The nice thing about "kid makeup", it really doesn't have the staying power of "real makeup"

Anonymous said...
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