Friday, April 4, 2008

My coffee maker has ears!

I am an avid morning coffee drinker! I have got to have my coffee or the day just doesn't start right! Mornings and coffee go hand in hand, that's just the way it is. Back in January my old coffee pot started dieing, this was a really bad thing because I HAD to have my coffee in the morning.
So, I went to the local Wally World and bought myself a very nice new coffee maker. Mornings were great for about 2 months and then my new coffee pot started being uncooperative. What used to take my pot about 3 minutes to brew was now taking 45 minutes. There is nothing worse than not having coffee in the morning, other than to be "teased" for 45 minutes waiting for the coffee to be done.....TORTURE!!
I tried calling Mr. Coffee but every time I finally got around to calling, it was always after hours. I stopped having my morning coffee or I would make 12 cups just to warm up a cup a day, so as to not have to wait the next morning to get my next cup of brew! I started checking Wal-Mart again to see if I could buy a new pot and then take this old one back. Not to be deceitful but because I don't have the receipt nor the box so how could I exchange it.
Finally I called Mr. Coffee yesterday morning. I was fed up with having to wait for my coffee and dang it, I just bought this 3 months ago, I expect my new coffee maker to last longer than 3 months! I explained to the guy how my pot took HOURS to brew when it should take minutes. I also explained that I had no proof of my purchase and wondered if there was anything he could do to help me. The guy was SOOOOO nice and told me they would send me out a new coffee maker at no charge! Yippee! I was so excited I decided to make myself some coffee.
I kid you not, that coffee maker heard that I was getting ready to replace it and brewed me a nice 8 cups of coffee in minutes. This morning, I decided to make some coffee again, guess what? Minutes to a nice pot of coffee! What the heck?
I swear my coffee maker has ears, and it's scared of going to the dump!


Wayne said...

We've had a Bunn coffeemaker that has been going for over 12 years!!! Still makes it perfect everytime.

Anonymous said...

Found this blog and thought of you:

Funny what you see when you just click next blog!

Seanna said...

I'm out of the blogging community for like two days and I check yours and notice that you have posted three new ones. What the heck! I'm so behind!

Melissa Flaming said...

I feel your pain. Only it was because I was too busy last week to go buy more coffee beans. The result? I actually went in my jammies to the local cofee shop and bought two large cups. The next day (again, no coffee), I begged Jarrod to go get me a cup while I made his lunch. Sad, isn't it!
Look on the bright side: You'll now have two coffee pots and never run out!!