Monday, April 28, 2008

Sucky Weekend!

All though the title of this blog eludes to nothing positive I will admit that the whole weekend was not terrible. Stephanie had 6 little girls over on Friday night after school to come celebrate being done with CRCT testing at school last week. They had a great time and it really was fun to have 7, 13 year old girls running around, laughing, screaming, giggling and eating their way through the night! No one went to bed until 4 in the morning....except for me, I was in bed by 11. So tired, I was able to tune out the girls and get some Zzzzzz's!

Saturday seemed pretty un-eventful in the morning. Sleepy girls, not moving very quickly, just your normal lazy Saturday morning. All the girls were supposed to get picked up on Saturday around 10am to go home for the day. Around 9:30 Ethan decided that he would start getting the mowing done while the day was still cool and since we still had 7 girls running around...he really didn't want to be in the house. After mowing a little bit Ethan got thirsty and wanted to go inside to get a drink. He came back out to mow some more and felt a sting on his foot. I guess he didn't think too much of it but about 15 seconds later his foot started throbbing with pain. He threw his shoe off to look at his foot and say two very distinct bite marks......snake bite! Jason tried to go find the snake to see what kind it was but that snake was GONE! I called 9-1-1 to find out what I was supposed to do for him. They sent out a First Responder who was not very helpful and just called an ambulance. The EMT's said they couldn't do anything for him but said he had to go to the hospital to be observed. So while we were getting Ethan out of the house and into the ambulance, girls moms are showing up to pick up their daughters....what a scene! Ethan got his first ride in an ambulance and after 5 hours in the ER we got to come back home. Thankfully Ethan never had any kind of reaction to the bite and the Dr's think it was either a bite without venom or very little venom. Seriously praising God for his divine protection, as things could have been so much worse.

After that exciting day in the hospital I was ready to just come home and spend some time with Jason! We went to bed at a decent time when all of a sudden we heard my cell phone ringing and it was 12:30 at night. Knowing that sometimes people dial wrong numbers I was not worried about missing the phone call. After that ring my house phone started ringing. You know it's never a good sign when someone is trying to get a hold of you at 12:30 in the morning! Come to find out, my mom was taking my dad to the hospital to have him checked out because he was having chest and arm pain. They determined that he had a mild heart attack and admitted him to be checked out by a cardiologist. It has been a crappy weekend. My emotions are at the limit and now Jason is back in SC! Please pray for us this week! Pray that the surgeons hands will be guided by God and that they will know the best plan of action. During the Angiogram today they will either then perform a angioplasty or bypass surgery if needed. I know that God is in control but I love my dad and hate being so far away from him right now!


Shan said...

So sorry Beckah! I WILL pray for you guys.