Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life without the internet

Running some errands today, my son and I had the following conversation.......

Ethan: Can you imagine a day without the internet?
Me: Yeah, Ethan I can. The internet was not really around until I was in High School.
Ethan: You mean there was no Google either?
Me: Nope, no Google yet....imagine!
Ethan: How did you find stuff out?
Me: We made phone calls and looked things up in books.
Ethan: Wow!

As much as I might look like I'm still in my 20's, in Ethan's eyes, I must have lived with the dinosaurs! Ha-ha


The Milner Family said...

Too cute Mr. Ethan. You sure have grown since we last saw you. Believe it or not we still have pictures up with you and Stephanie.

By the way I do feel old sometimes when I see all the advancement in technology and try to explain that it has not always been around.