Friday, January 21, 2011

30 day picture challenge

Day Eight

This is me after my Jason took me out for my 34th Birthday. It was the first time He and I had gotten away by ourselves for a night and I was SO EXCITED!! This is the life of a Mom when her kids aren't around. Because, all parents know that when the kids are with you in a hotel room you have to tell them, "don't jump on the beds", "don't walk like an Elephant (people are trying to sleep underneath us)", "don't make too much noise", "shhhh, shhhh, shhhh!" Maybe that is just life with 4 kids but none the less, you try to make sure your kids behave like angles while staying in a hotel.
So, being silly and kid free I jumped up on the bed and told Jason, "don't tell the kids, Mommy is jumping on the bed!" Ha-ha! This picture makes me laugh! I had so much fun that night with my Jason, and guess what, the kids were just fine without us for a night! It is nice to get away every once in a while!!