Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 day picture challenge

Day Eleven

Oh yes, I went there! I may live in the South and love my GA state but when it comes to sports, I will always be a Chicago sports fan. With that love comes an easy hate for Greenbay Packers, and Minnisota Vikings!! Grrr! We hate them both!! I just chose the Packers for this post because they beat my Bears this past Sunday in the Superbowl Playoffs. If that is not a reason to hate, I don't know what is!! I will say that I am rooting for the Steelers this Superbowl game just so I can see the Packers lose!! Ha! :-p

In a more serious approach to this post of something I hate, it would be this:

I am not so afraid of them that I am unable to drive over one or ride in the car going over one. But I will admit that when traveling over a bridge, I will close my eyes when the traveler OR speed like the dickens when the driver!! I also keep a close eye on cars coming from the opposite direction so that I know the bridge has not collapsed up ahead of me!! I know it is crazy but I just can't help it. I don't know where this fear came from but one idea springs to mind. When I was a little girl there was a teacher who's husband at my Elementary school was killed in an accident. The teachers husband had gotten out of his car to help someone on the side of the road (ON A BRIDGE) Someone hit the car which hit him and threw him off the bridge and to his death!! It was terrible and I remember that story so well. Weird, because it really has nothing to do with driving on a bridge (this guy was walking and got hit) but none the less, I think that is when I started fearing bridges.
The worst part is, I live in the south and every beach is on an island and to get to an island you have to go over a bridge....oh well, I have made it 34 years going over them and I'm sure I'll make it 34+ more but I still don't have to like it!! :-)