Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 day picture challenge

Day Thirteen

Okay, this one is REALLY hard! Who only likes one band or artist?! And music, I LOVE MUSIC!! I listen to it when I am in the car, when I am cooking, when I workout, when I need a pick me up, when I want to feel depressed, when I want to hear God speak!
Music is whatever you need it to be when you need it! I have a lot of favorites, and sometimes my favorites change depending on what kind of music I want to listen too or the mood I am in. Like, right now, I am loving some Aerosmith because of Steven Tyler on American Idol so it depends.
Hmmm, how to approach this one. I could make a collage of pictures if I knew how to do that...only my cool teenager knows how to do that are a few of my favorites! :-)

So, it is a little embarrassing but I will admit, to you my faithful blog readers, that I do love Britney Spears. Her songs always put me in a good mood, the beat in her songs makes you want to dance like no one is watching!! It's great to turn up on a warm day in the car with the windows down! Britney has a lot of critics and I get it, not sure I like her as a person either but for her music and the way it makes me feel . I do love some Britney Spears!! :-)

Nickelback! I have loved them since they came out years ago. I bought tickets to their concert once too but ended up not being able to go! :-( I will get to oneof their concerts someday! Once again, this is music I love to turn up loud and just rock out!! This is not music I listen to with kids around but for me and Jason, I enjoy it!! I really like rock music and I love Chad Krogers voice!!

Who doesn't love Rob Thomas?! I love his voice too! From before when he was part of Matchbox Twenty to where he is today out on his own. He is more mellow but can still rock a beat!! He also has some deeper lyrics like his song, "Diamonds" I just love it!! Have liked him for years and will continue to like him for years to come!!

This is a picture of the current Newsboys band. I have never really like the Newsboys, they are too mellow for me sometimes. The reason I have their picture here is because I LOVE their new lead singer Michael Tait!! Ever since DC Talk to when he was his own band Tait! This guy can sing and I love listening to him!! The new Newsboys album is pretty good too!! Love Michael Tait!!

Aerosmith, they are just legendary! The first time I really remember listening to Aerosmith was probably in Jr. High. Powerful lyrics in some of his songs, "Janie's Got a Gun" oh and I love the song "Angel", so many...too many to write! I am enjoying him on American Idol as a judge. He really seems to care and doesn't really want to hurt these peoples feelings. It's a new side to Steven Tyler that I like!! I'm sure Aerosmith will be around for years to come and I'm sure I'll still be listening! :-)

Coldplay is another one of my more Mellow likes. Again, I have listened to them for years and love them! They relax me more, not as much rocking beat but I like that sometimes and Coldplay will always be a favorite

This woman....if you don't know Regina Spektor you are missing out! Not only can she sing, she can play the piano too and all so well!!
Her songs are more mellow, less pop style, more unique and I think that is why I love her so much!!
Her songs are poetic, they make you think!!

So if that doesn't run the gamete of types, styles and sounds of music I don't know what does!! About the only thing I don't listen to is rap and country. Ewww! Just can't get into either of those.
I listen to a lot of Christian music in the car with the kids but I likes songs, not necessarily artists....and there are so many! If you want to listen to Christian Music I suggest finding an Air1 station in your area. I love the music they play because it is more Christian Rock and I enjoy that the harder rock sounds and upbeat tempos...of course I do! :-)